In the year 2001 the Institute for Systems Analysis and Informatics (IASI) and the Center for the Study of the Pathophysiology of Shock (CFS), both organs of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), merged and the current IASI "A. Ruberti" was born. Pivotal in this merger was the long-standing collaboration of former IASI and CFS researchers on biomathematics research themes, specifically on the modelling of endocrine and metabolic systems. BioMatLab, a laboratory specifically geared to research in biomathematics born in 1997 within CFS, is now part of IASI "A. Ruberti": it is located within the Catholic University School of Medicine, at the Policlinico Gemelli Hospital in Rome, next to the Institute for Clinical Surgery directed by Prof. Marco Castagneto (also Director of CFS).