The BioMathematics Laboratory at IASI "A. Ruberti"

The BioMatLab at CNR IASI is active in the development, application and diffusion of mathematical modelling techniques for biomedicine.
Our goal is to help provide reliable quantitative answers to physiological and pharmacological questions.
The translation of biomedical problems into workable mathematical formulations and the estimation of relevant model parameters from available experimental data are our main concern.

Research Interests

The Laboratory is mainly dedicated to applied mathematical modelling on biomedical themes and to research in estimation techniques for nonlinear dynamical models and stochastic differential equations models. We have participated in several projects together with medical researchers (on the glucose-insulin system, on the metabolism of dicarboxylic and medium-chain fatty acids, on the distribution of resistances and compliances in the pulmonary vascular tree, on the production and elimination of Nitric Oxide in the airways, on MicroArrays, on noninvasive assisted ventilation, on antimicrobial efficacy, on indirect calorimetry, on the characterization of animal embrio development under sublethal toxicants), where we have provided the necessary mathematical and statistical expertise for experimental design, for data analysis and modelling, and for the conduction of multi-center clinical trials. We are very much interested, both from a practical and from a theoretical point of view, in statistical parameter estimation. We work on population parameter estimation, both frequentist and Bayesian, on parameter estimation for Stochastic Differential Equations models and on the relevance of measures of model nonlinearity for the computation of parameter confidence regions.