Biomathematics ESMTB Summer School 2019 Modelling in Marine Ecology

Isola delle Femmine (PA), Sicily, Italy, 8-21 September 2019


[06 September 2019]
The School Organization offers two social events, one on Saturday 14th and one on Sunday 15th

Social Event on Saturday 14th

Guided tour of the centre of Palermo with social dinner in a typical restaurant.

Social Event on Saturday 15th

Guided tour of the cities of Erice and Marsala, with a guided tour of one of the famous wineries of Marsala, the Florio Cellars, accompanied by a wine tasting. The Social event ends with the visit of the Island of Mozia


[23 July 2019]
A support for participation to school is now available. Apply by August 16th at the Registration page


[20 May 2019]
Registration is still open! Apply to the 2019 ESMTB Summer School by June 15th.


[14 May 2019]
An updated version of the school programme is now available. Please visit the programme page.

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